Welcome to my world !

I was born in Paris in October. My name comes from Opal, my birthstone, a gemstone that shimmers with different colors.

Liza is a nod to Queen Elizabeth II, who adorns her hair with jewels.

The year of my birth is not important. I transcend the eras and ages. My starry-eyed and mysterious character allows my hair to express itself, embellished by the creative whimsy of passionate artisans.

I took form in a secret world, until becoming a beautiful soul, a sublime energy that made me into what I am today.

I long to invite you into my captivating world and offer you the jewelry of your dreams. A masterpiece crafted with French know-how, passed down from one generation to the next, transmitting emotions.

My true desire is to make women feel different, unique and happy with a jewel that is their very own.

For a split second, these women can also be queens...

Je suis Opaliza


Opaliza came to life through the talent of our artisan jewelers. Called on by the most prestigious houses of the Place Vendôme, these passionate professionals have made a name for themselves with their exquisite technical mastery and painstaking eye for detail.

Behind the closed doors of a Parisian workshop, they design and craft each piece by hand, driven by the desire to make the client’s wishes come true. Our master artisans sculpt the model in wax by hand, according to the design of the chosen model. An identical replica is then reproduced in gold, using the lost-wax casting technique : age-old know-how that guarantees the exceptional quality of our pieces.

All of our jewelry is made with 18-karat gold and gemstones. However, as it is extremely important for us to create ethical jewelry that respects mankind and nature, we only use recycled gold. In this way, our jewelry gives a second life to this precious metal.

Each head of hair is unique and requires special attention. With this in mind, we carry out continuous research to improve the hold and wear of our accessories in the hair.